aconn.irc on startup auto connects jIRCii to your most recent server connection [rza] auto join script phos
allegro.irc port of neuken's allegro IRC theme to jIRCii. Its phearsome pander
AMIP Windows only; Plugin for jIRCii adds DDE Support, MP3 Player Integration, and Flash window support. [Serge]
analog.irc another phearsome theme (screenshot); try out /anacolor era makes fun of AOL era
arsDiceRoller.irc Ars Magica Stress and Simple Dice (d10) roller tools Steinkel
autoserv.irc a versatile server connect script ceph
autotile.irc auto-tile windows feature ChOcO-Bn
away.irc basic away system hoff
awaysys.irc full featured away system for jIRCii phos
bg.irc adds a /switchBackground alias to set a random background image in jIRCii serbsy
bitchx.irc makes jIRCii look like BitchX (screenshot) `butane
brighten.irc adds aliases to brighten or darken the current color scheme. `butane
bnc.irc BNC Connect Script (works with BNC) Snick^ Chuck Norris quote script for jIRCii conceited
classloader a tool for scripters to load and use Java .jar files from scripts ewulf Alias/command creation and modification script for jIRCii ceph
dalnet.irc Useful commands/popups for DALnet users Snick^
dccforward.irc Easily forward dcc requests you receive to another client phos make jIRCii spit out fake version replies blue-elf
findfile.irc adds a findfile() subroutine similiar to mIRC's blue-elf
flash.irc makes inactive server tabs blink on various events `butane
fserve.irc an mIRC-style /fserve file server implementation for jIRCii `butane
fusion.irc a mIRC theme from pander, screenshot *uNF* pander
getops.irc script to make obtaining ops from a bot easier phos
google.irc adds a channel wide !google [string] search command blue-elf
grep.irc adds aliases for searching files/scripts for patterns blue-elf
growl-jIRCii.irc OS X only; see IRC notifications via growl drakx functions, docs, and examples for scripting user interfaces blue-elf
hist.irc echo window history on window creation (similar to Trillian) tijiez
|Hx| a neat look script meant to take jIRCii back to a text client Suffer
ignore.irc a feature-complete user ignore system for jIRCii with GUI blue-elf
ini.irc mIRC-like routines for working with .INI files blue-elf mircryption/fish/blow compatible encryption for jIRCii `butane full featured script with user lists, flood prot, etc.. over 5000 lines of code blue-elf A responsive bot ceph a Channel Central Dialog for jIRCii (similar to mIRC's) [Serge] Flashes jIRCii window on events with configurable interval [Serge] A GDS plugin to integrate jIRCii logs into Google Desktop Search [Serge] Allows jIRCii to connect through HTTP proxies [Serge] allows you to specify charset encoding on a per channel/nick basis [Serge] A script library that makes it easy to load/save a sleep data structure to XML [Serge] Windows only; adds system tray support to jIRCii [Serge]
mass.irc mass commands blue-elf
modeparse.irc adds op, deop, ban, unban, etc. events for scripters to hook into blue-elf
mp3request.irc make requesting mp3's easier `butane
mp3say.irc OS X only; adds /mp3say to announce current song `butane
mpx.irc MP3 Seeker GUI script for jIRCii blue-elf
msgfilter.irc filters messages so only those on a special friends list can /msg you phos
nc.irc adds "clickable nickname" based nick completion to jIRCii [Serge]
neo-jircii.irc a jIRCii look inspired by irssi and BitchX `butane plays a sound if you are idle and someone /msg's you `butane
notifyman.irc a notify manager system for jIRCii phos
oper.irc auto /oper on connect camo
orignick.irc alias to (re)gain a nickname phos
otto.irc a channel model automation script ceph
psybnc.irc BNC Connect Script (works with PsyBNC) Snick^
psybnc_support.irc fixes psybnc incompatabilities with jIRCii oracel
quote.irc a cool quote script for jIRCii (!addquote, !quote etc) phos a jIRCii look from the infamous ceelow; be sure to /theme crayon.thm included in the zip (screenshot) ceelow
sditopicbar.irc show channel topic/mode in jIRCii titlebar (for SDI mode) `butane
seen.irc a seen script for jIRCii i.e. !seen nickname phos
servertab.irc makes jIRCii show the appropriate network name in the server tabs phos
services.irc a set of popups to help make managing services easier for ircops AlphaVista
slurge.irc another jIRCii look from the infamous ceelow) (screenshot) ceelow
so.irc a port of the static!orange (old mIRC script by webba) look to jIRCii. pHEARsome. neuken
spellchk.irc A feature rich spell checker for the most commonly misspelled words. tijiez
tetris.irc A theme script with a unique look, pHEAR iT ceelow
textmods.irc a text modification script ceph
toolkit.irc Adds a built-in script editor / manager to jIRCii ewulf
tree.irc adds a /tree command to display your servers/chans `butane
tv.irc cosmetic port of tunnelvision BitchX script to jIRCii, see screenshot. pander
urlcatcher.irc adds a URL catcher feature to jIRCii ceph adds a userlist to jircii including autoop, auto kick, etc. phos a full-featured script with an intense style (screenshots -- it's cool) ceph old-school bITCH-X style script for jIRCii (still alpha quality) mexis
xdcc.irc xdcc file offer script `butane
xmms.irc Linux only; adds /xmms to announce current song Kingsqueak


crayon.thm the color theme from schizophrenic, blues and greys. ceelow
default.thm default jIRCii color scheme `butane
inferno.thm a orange-red color theme for use with neo-jircii.irc samrat
matrix.thm a color theme for use with neo-jircii.irc samrat
mIRC.thm white background, mIRC colors `butane

Contribute Scripts

Create a ticket with your script as an attachment or email it to rsmudge at gmail dot com.

Read the documentation available on the download page to learn how to write scripts for jIRCii.