"1997 called, it wants its IRC client back"

jIRCii is an internet relay chat client for MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. Pretend ircii and mIRC had a baby. Now pretend that BitchX was the real father. That's jIRCii.

jIRCii is keeping the IRC culture of the nineties alive. jIRCii displays terminal-style graphics in most fonts. It's highly scriptable with several themes to choose from. You get to choose how much GUI you want. IRC out of one window or make jIRCii look like mIRC with a new window for each channel.

No matter how IRC evolves, rest assured this is one client that will not look like an instant messenger.


jIRCii is fully scriptable using a Perl-like language called sleep. jIRCii provides a console client experience with the advantages of a solid GUI. jIRCii has everything an IRC client should have. Built-in notify list, tab-completed everything, DCC file transfers, CTCP support, ability to connect to SSL servers, and over 70 built-in aliases.

It's all about speed

jIRCii is also incredibly fast. This IRC client was developed on a low-end pentium in its early days. Special attention was paid to speed. For example, the text display was built from the ground up for speed. jIRCii is one of the most responsive graphical clients you will use.

Open Source

jIRCii is open source released under the Artistic License.